Alberta has Rural, Regional & Urban Communities

There are many different types of communities and municipalities in Alberta including cities, towns, villages, summer villages, municipal districts and hamlets. Learn more about the types of Municipalities in Alberta.

There is significant commitment in Alberta to the sustainability and growth of rural communities. The Government of Alberta continues to resource numerous initiatives to support rural Alberta.



Overlooking the Cochrane community, the Men of Vision statue is a tribute to our early pioneers who had a vision for Cochrane's future. This monument continues to inspire our many community leaders as we work together to create a sustainable community for present and future generations.

A diverse range of industries drive the Cochrane community and include major employers such as Spray Lakes Sawmills, All Span Building Systems, Dynastream and Hunterwood Technologies, to name a few.

In addition to these the professional, scientific and technical sector has seen considerable growth and will prove to be a significant player in the Cochrane economy in the near future.

But we are not ALL about business in Cochrane. Many of our businesses have indicated that their primary reason for locating to Cochrane is its natural beauty. Situated in the Bow Valley on the banks of the Bow River. Conchrane contains all the ingredients for a balanced lifestyle.

Our many amenities delight visitors, including our unique boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops in the heart of our downtown, each offering their own distinct brand of hospitality. Our many parks and pathways provide a wealth of fun outdoor activity for visitors and residents alike.