Newcomer Support

An Orientation Guide for IMG's & their Families

We have created a 50-page guide for doctors coming to Alberta that will help you acclimatize to Albertan community, culture, and lifestyle: Harvesting the Most of Your Rural Alberta Home: An Orientation Guide for IMGs and their families

Rural Health Professional Attraction and Retention Committees

RhPAP supports newcomer physicians and families who have relocated to Alberta. Numerous rural communities have formed a committee of volunteers to help support the relocation of new physicians and their families with things such as finding housing, introductions to local schools, meeting with professionals such as real estate agents, financial services and service groups. Community Health Professional Attraction & Retention committees are very effective at helping the families settle in their new home. To find out more about these committees, please email us.

Alberta has numerous immigrant-serving agencies to assist with settlement supports to ease the transition to life in Alberta.

If you are considering a move to Alberta, Canada, you may want to subscribe to a Government of Alberta Immigration Information online newsletter.

Welcome to Alberta: Information for Newcomers

Information for Newcomers, a free downloadable publication

English as a Second Language (ESL) Supports

English is the primary language spoken in Alberta. Alberta offers many supports for those that wish to enhance their English verbal and written communications skills. Many Alberta communities have staff and offices dedicated to settlement supports that provide language conversation groups and tutors at minimal or no cost to the participant.

Library Resources

Most Alberta communities are home to a community local library. Imagine the opportunity to sit back with a cup of tea to connect with your country's smell, touch and taste through words. Rural Alberta is home to many International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and their families. You may miss the connection with their home country or the opportunity to converse in their language, especially in times of isolation and in places where they cannot understand or fluently speak English. This is especially true for a spouse. With a local library card, you can have access to resources that can connect you to your country of origin. Press Display, an electronic resource, provides free up-to-date news and information from 94 countries in 48 languages, including 291 Canadian newspapers. It provides newcomers to Alberta with access to news in their native language which helps preserve cultural ties and an opportunity to develop English skills by reading English-language newspapers.

Books in other languages can also be accessed and sent to various Alberta libraries though interlibrary loans at no cost to the client. Local library staff can search for these through interlibrary search tools such as TAL online and TRACPac.

Once you arrive in Alberta, your local community library staff will set up access to these resources.